Soffer Avocats operates at an international level. Its lawyers are registered in several bar associations (Brussels, Budapest, Israel, Montreal, New York, Split and Paris), and can promptly and directly intervene before these jurisdictions, or conduct global proceedings thanks to a solid network of fellow partners and correspondents.

The firm has had the opportunity to represent a renowned European client in several proceedings undertaken by the New York Prosecutor. It also worked in concert with local colleagues in the context of proceedings before the United States Patent Office, and has litigated cases before the courts of Singapore, Hong Kong and Morocco.

At a European level, the firm coordinated proceedings pending simultaneously before various jurisdictions, including in Germany, Hungary, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

The firm has developed a reputation for its understanding of the American discovery procedure and pre-trial depositions, and has assisted European clients sued in the United States. Ron Soffer has appeared before the Federal Court of Appeals (the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit) and the Federal District Court in New York. Working alongside local attorneys, he has assisted a European client in criminal investigations conducted by the United States Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York.

The firm also has experience in managing "Mareva" injunction litigation.




Soffer Avocats has established privileged partnerships with several correspondents across the world and can mobilize them in order to protect its clients best interests and according to the particularities of each case.

Where mediation and arbitration is concerned in Israel, the firm works alongside A.Gabrielli & Co.


Network and Professional associations


The firm is a member of several professional associations (French, American and international), including :

  • American Bar Association (ABA)
  • International Bar Association (IBA)
  • New York City Bar (NYCB)
  • New York State Bar Association (NYSBA)
  • L’Union international des Avocats (UIA)
  • International Criminal Court Bar Association (ABCPI)
  • Chartered Institute of Arbitration (CIArb)
  • American Chamber of Commerce in France
  • Chambre de Commerce France Israel – Israel Valley (CCFI)
  • Le Comité d’Echanges Franco-Japonais (CEFJ)
  • French American Foundation
  • Medef International
  • Cercle de l’Union Interalliée
  • Cercle Mbc


On an individual level, the lawyers of the firm are members of :


Dedicated to the study of criminal law, this institute was created in 1986 by the President of the Paris Bar Association, Mario Stasi, alongside Jean-Marc Varaut, member of the Academy of Moral and Political Sciences, and Henri Leclerc, Honorary President of the League of Human Rights. In 2022, the vice-president of the Paris Bar Association, Vincent Nioré, gave new impetus to this Institute.

In particular, the Institute’s Scientific Committee reflects on major themes of criminal law, criminal procedure and human rights in accordance with its founders’ values.

Ron Soffer is a member of the Scientific Committee.

L'Association des Juristes Franco-Britanniques / Franco-British Lawyers' Society (AJFB/FLBS)
For over thirty years, the AJFB/FLBS has brought together legal professionals in France and the United Kingdom, so as to promote the training, understanding and practice of law in France, England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. It endeavors to strengthen legal, economic and cultural ties between these countries and their legal systems.

The AJFB/FLBS is placed under the patronage of the British Ambassador to France, the French Ambassador to the United Kingdom, as well as the presidents of both countries’ supreme courts (the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, and the French Conseil Constitutionnel, Conseil d’Etat and Cour de cassation).

Frédéric Goldberg is the president of the French section of the AJFB and vice-president of the AJFB/FLBS.


Soraya A. Racette is a member of the French section of the AJFB/FBLS.

Founded in 1869, the SLC strives to bring together French and foreign academics, judges, lawyers, notaries and corporate lawyers. As a member of a research unit in comparative law of the C.N.R.S and endowed with a consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, the International Labor Office and the Council of Europe, it has an important network of correspondents, within institutions and with individuals, both in France and abroad.

 Jacques Fourvel was the vice-president of the SLC and president of the business law section until 2023.

 Frédéric Goldberg et Soraya A. Racette are members.