Agnes Peresztegi

Agnes Peresztegi is a renowned attorney in the field of World War II looted art litigation in Europe and in the United States.

She has over 20 years’ experience in advising non-profit organizations on restitution claims, and in representing Holocaust survivors and heirs.  She has been a forceful advocate for meaningful changes in the way governments and museums identify and publicize problematic art and arrange for their return to the rightful owners.

Agnes Peresztegi has testified before the United States Senate judiciariy committee and was instrumental in the lobbying effort that led to the enactment of the Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery (HEAR) Act of 2016.

Dr. Peresztegi has advised the Commission for Art Recovery for 19 years and was its president until August 2019.

Agnes Peresztegi was a Member of the Advisory Council on Nazi-Confiscated and Looted Cultural Property of the European Shoah Legacy Institute (“ESLI”), and she served as a member of the “Schwabing Art Trove” Taskforce, established to assist with the review of the artworks found in Ms. Gurlitt’s home, which were suspected of having been confiscated by the Nazis from their owners.

Agnes Peresztegi is licensed to practice in New York, in Hungary and in Paris (registered foreign attorney).