Ron Soffer appears regularly as a speaker at seminars and conferences:

  • Ron Soffer was a panelist at a conference organized by the NYSBA – Tokyo Global Conference , an Arbitration Plenary featuring representatives of major arbitral institutions in Asia, Europe and the U.S.
    The subject of the panel was “The A-Team: We Love It When Your Arbitration Comes Together” with Jay G. Safer and Yoshimasa Furuta as Co-Chairs. (Japon, Tokyo – 5 to 8 November 2019)
  • Ron Soffer participated to the Rhodes Forum – Global (dis)order : towards dialogue-based worldviews. Mr. SOFFER was invited to intervene in the closed sessions of the leaders. In the forum participated just to name a few; Former Prime Minister of Israel – Mr. Ehud OLMERT, Former Prime Minister of Austria – Mr. Alfred GUSENBAUER, Former Prime Minister of Guinea – Kabine KOMARA. (Greece, Rhodes – 11 and 12 October 2019)
  • Conference organized by the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) Stockholm with the subject: «Should US practitioners always choose US law to govern transactional agreements” . Ron Soffer had the honor of co-chairing together with his colleague Jay Safer and a distinguished panel which included Justice Lars Edlund of the Swedish Supreme Court, Christer Danielsson, the President of the Swedish Bar Association, Anna Dabrowska and Martin Parager. (Stockholm, Sweden – May 6 and 7, 2019)
  • Conference organized by the International Bar Commission of Paris on “The State of Israel and the Armenian Genocide.  Shared views on the concept of genocide”, Maison du Barreau, (Paris, France – June 2018)
  • Conference « Global Shareholder Activism Conference » organized by the institutional investors educational foundation (IIEF). (December 2017, NY City).
  • Conference organized by DRRT law firm (28 January 2013), Frankfurt (Germany). Subject of the intervention: « The evolution of investor protection under French law »
  • Conference organized by Paris Bar on the topics « The prisons in the USA » (7 December 2012), Paris (France). Subject of the intervention:  » French Prison : model prison?  »
  • Intervention in the Institute for permanent training of Israeli judges (26 November 2012), Jerusalem (Israel). Subject of the intervention: « The impact of ECHR decision on the evolution of criminal law »
  • Conference  « Towards the end of criminal proceedings » organized by Institute of Criminal Law of the Paris Bar, (23 October 2012), Paris (France). Subject of the intervention: « The trial in the USA: an example? »
  • Symposium  « Criminalization of the denial of genocide . For or Against ?  » organized by Institute of Criminal Law of the Paris Bar, (6 February 2012 ), Paris (France). Subject of the intervention: « Criminalization of denial and US Law »