Ron Soffer appears regularly as a speaker at seminars and conferences:

  • Conference organized by the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) Annual Meeting Stockholm with the subject: «Should US practitioners always choose US law to govern transactional agreements” . Ron Soffer had the honor of co-chairing together with his colleague Jay Safer and a distinguished panel which included Justice Lars Edlund of the Swedish Supreme Court, Christer Danielsson, the President of the Swedish Bar Association, Anna Dabrowska and Martin Parager. (Stockholm, Sweden – May 6 and 7, 2019)
  • Conference organized by the International Bar Commission of Paris on “The State of Israel and the Armenian Genocide.  Shared views on the concept of genocide” (June 2018), Maison du Barreau, Paris, France
  • Conference «  Global Shareholder Activism Conference » organized by the institutional investors educational foundation (IIEF). (December 2017, NY City).
  • Conference organized by DRRT law firm (28 January 2013), Frankfurt (Germany). Subject of the intervention: « The evolution of investor protection under French law »
  • Conference organized by Paris Bar on the topics « The prisons in the USA » (7 December 2012), Paris (France). Subject of the intervention:  » French Prison : model prison?  »
  • Intervention in the Institute for permanent training of Israeli judges (26 November 2012), Jerusalem (Israel). Subject of the intervention: « The impact of ECHR decision on the evolution of criminal law »
  • Conference  « Towards the end of criminal proceedings » organized by Institute of Criminal Law of the Paris Bar, (23 October 2012), Paris (France). Subject of the intervention: « The trial in the USA: an example? »
  • Symposium  « Criminalization of the denial of genocide . For or Against ?  » organized by Institute of Criminal Law of the Paris Bar, (6 February 2012 ), Paris (France). Subject of the intervention: « Criminalization of denial and US Law »