The lawyers

Dr. Peresztegi has over 20 years of experience regarding Holocaust era property claims, advising non-profit organizations representing survivors and heirs, including working on all issues related to restitution/compensation for human rights violations committed against Hungarian Jewry during WWII.

Agnes Peresztegi is the President and legal counsel of the Commission for Art Recovery.

At the Commission, Dr. Peresztegi is responsible for Holocaust era looted art claims, including assisting the Commission to press for meaningful changes in the way in which European countries identify and publicize problematic art and arrange for its return to the rightful owners; coordinating and evaluating research projects in Europe, in the United States and in Israel; drafting legal documents and briefs, developing and organizing case files for looted art litigation in Hungary and in the United States, and for claims in other European countries, including Germany, UK, France, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and also for Russia.

Dr. Peresztegi was a Member of the Advisory Council on Nazi-Confiscated and Looted Cultural Property of the European Shoah Legacy Institute (“ESLI”)(now closed), and she has been a legal instructor at the Provenance Research Training Program of ESLI.

In addition, Dr. Peresztegi, was also a member of the « Schwabing Art Trove » Task Force (now closed), established to assist with the review of the artworks found in Mr Gurlitt’s home, which may have been confiscated from their owners by the Nazis.

Dr. Peresztegi is licensed to practice in New York, in Hungary and in Paris (registered foreign attorney).