The Firm

Legal 500 Paris – 2016 edition, excerpt : “The six lawyers making up the Soffer Avocats team are “excellent, responsive and have a positive outlook”. They excel in managing complex cross-border litigation and their ability to operate efficiently and creatively in very diverse matters is impressive: corporate law, securities law, inheritance cases or patent law. The firm assists both companies and investors, and is involved in many highly strategic cases.
The head of the litigation practice, Ron Soffer, who is a member of the Paris, New York and Israel bars, is “a leading international practitioner accustomed to transnational litigation and in whom his clients have absolute confidence”. He has “an excellent knowledge of both Anglo-Saxon and civil judicial systems” and stands out for “his capacity to develop and implement a global strategy while delivering the most aggressive and effective defense in each jurisdiction”.

Legal 500 Paris 2015 edition, excerpt: “The team of six lawyers at Soffer Avocats shines for its “rigour and exceptional professionalism”. It excels in the management of complex cross-border cases and is impressive in its ability to work through greatly diverse matters with efficiency and creativity: corporate law, stock exchange law, inheritance issues, and patent law. The firm assists companies and investors, and works on cases with high strategic stakes. It is headed by Ron Soffer, who is a member of the Paris, New York and Israel bars.

Legal 500 2013 edition, excerpt: “Soffer Avocats is a boutique law firm specializing in litigation. It is made up of seven lawyers headed by Ron Soffer, who is a member of the French, Israeli and American Bars and is well known for his command of French and Anglo-Saxon proceedings. The firm takes on complex litigation with high financial stakes and often manages multi-jurisdictional cases. It deals with a range of very diverse cases involving the stock market, finance, inheritance issues, antitrust law and criminal law. Ron Soffer is very creative and often victorious.